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Our most important questions, right now:

Can the best hour you spend each month, each week, and even each day, make a difference in your professional or personal life?

Can harnessing the power of intention allow you to achieve a better tomorrow than you will today?

We believe it does


Your Best Hour

Hi. My name is Coach Phil Jackson (no, the other one) and I am a relentlessly dedicated achievement coach who supports entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals and creatives in ALL of their achievement endeavors.


I have devised a positivity achievement platform, Your Best Hour, in which, together, we channel your concentrated, intentional effort to fast track results, overcome obstacles, and help you reach your full success potential.


Here is your 1st step:  Read about our achievement program and accountability support, review what we offer, try it on, and imagine a future where you finally achieve better and more than your status quo.  

So, let's start by getting to know a little about the program, and my thoughts on how
to spend Your Best Hour.

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People often ask, what EXACTLY do they get out of the Your Best Hour coaching?

In its simplest form, Your Best Hour's achievement coaching and support allows you to to realize your full success potential.

And it does so by providing C-4...

WOW!!!! I cannot say enough good things about Your Best Hour. I didn't realize the full value of Philip's coaching provided until I was already in it. I have been stuck on an investment project for over a year. All it took was a handful of sessions to get me unstuck and I could start getting out of my own way.

whole experience has been unexpectedly transformative.  I cannot thank you enough for all of your great coaching, Philip! I would recommend Your Best Hour to anyone.

Donna Davis, Real Estate Investor

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